Will Smith Stars In Netflix’s Bright Movie Trailer

bright movie trailer

Netflix dropped the full trailer recently for their upcoming movie original Bright, starring Will Smith and directed by David Ayers.

You know those creatures, like orcs and elves and things, that you normally see in stuff like Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft? In Bright, these mystical beings are part of modern day life in a world where, after a huge war in decades past, they live side by side with humans.

Joel Edgerton plays one of the aforementioned orcs – in full makeup too, making for a striking visual effect – who is to become the first of his kind to be a cop. He’s partnered with Will Smith and chaos ensues as they uncover a powerful magical relic.

Noomi Rapace and Edgar Ramirez also pop up as mystical beings.

If you’re unsure what to really expect, join the club. We don’t often see Will Smith in these kind of fantasy roles, although he is teaming up again with David Ayers after playing Deadshot in Suicide Squad last year. And, about the director – we were so bitterly disappointed by Suicide Squad that we’re really hoping to see a vast improvement with Bright.

The film will drop on Netflix on December 22nd.

Here’s the full trailer:



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